He Was Looking At His Street On Google Maps When He Saw Something He’ll Never Forget

Most of us have used Google Map’s Street View function, either to look at a new destination or more commonly, to look at our own street to see if we can spot ourselves!

Every now and then, you come across a surprise like this man did. He was bored and just browsing his street in Oregon, USA, when he made an incredible discovery. They noticed a person relaxing in front of her house – his grandma.

She was just relaxing and taking in the sun while reading the newspaper.


The most amazing thing about this photo was his grandma had passed away and this was one of the very last photos taken of his grandma.

His grandma was known to be laid back and welcoming, she was just happy to enjoy the sunshine.


People you know showing up on Google Maps is pretty rare but this guy was treated to one beautiful final photo of his beloved grandmother. Family and friends are really precious gifts, treasure them before they’re gone.