Her Cheating Ex Called Her Worthless And Incapable. Her Response Is A Lesson For Everyone

This message comes from a woman who was going through a difficult time after her partner cheated and left her broke and with a child to feed. This is what she says:

“I have a beautiful daughter, and I just got a promotion at work. I’m making more money than my cheating ex ever was. He thought I’d fall apart, but I didn’t, he ended up getting fired from his job and is living with his mom! I am a single mom, holding the fort down on my own, no child support, no help, no car (he took it in the split, even though I paid for 75% of it, it wasn’t worth the effort to fight for it). I’m doing this. On my own! I’m a fantastic mom and I’m so proud.

I work a couple cities over from where I live. I make better money there than I would in my city but I can’t afford to live in the city I work in. I commute 3 hours each way to work, and work 10 hours shifts, but I got this! My daughter will never have to go without. And I still manage to have time to play with her and put her to bed every night I have her.

I might be exhausted when I get off work, but while I wait for the bus or train I start to feel energized, just knowing I’m going to go see my sweet baby. She’s 9 months old and took her first steps last week. Yeah, my life is hard, but holding her, being loved by her, being her mom… it makes it all worth it. She’s not the lucky one, that’s me.

I don’t have two dimes extra after bills are paid, but I have them paid.

It’s not easy by any means, but I am doing it. Alone. And no one can take that away from me. He took my home, my feeling of security, and most of my possessions.

But he can’t ever take away the parent I am or what I have now. He was wrong. I am not incapable or worthless or helpless. He fell, I rose.”

Pass this on because every woman (and man!) needs to know she can hold her own…no matter what others have to say about it.