She Sends A Naked Selfie To Her Boyfriend – The Response Will Shock Her For Life

An unnamed woman recently snapped a sexy naked photo on her smart phone and sent it out on the popular social network Snapchat.

She sent it to her boyfriend… or so she thought.


The woman can be seen seductively lifting her T-shirt to reveal herself in the image intended for her boyfriend. The image was even accompanied with the caption: ‘What ur missing this weekend :)’.

Instead, she accidentally sent the risque photo to… her boss!

To the woman’s horror, her boss actually responded.


The shocked boss wrote a note and sent it back to her saying: “Hi, you probably did not mean to send this to me, but please be more careful. I am your BOSS.”

Not only did her boss capitalise the word ‘BOSS’, he or she also underlined it, perhaps to emphasize the severity of the situation.

Let’s hope this woman will be a little more careful when she uses her phone next time!

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