This Beauty Queen Just Knelt Before A Garbage Collector. Looks Shocking But I’m With Her

A beauty pageant winner was recently caught on camera kneeling at the feet of a garbage collector. Sounds strange to you? It should because no winner has ever done this before…


The winner’s name is Khanitta “Mint” Phasaeng, she’s 17 years old and won the beauty title in Thailand. The woman you see in front of Mint is in fact her mother.

After winning the pageant, Mint immediately went back to her hometown and honored her mother. She didn’t care that they were by the sidewalk beside smelly garbage bins or that she was dressed as a newly crowned beauty queen. Instead, she knelt down on all fours and bowed her head in respect by her mother’s feet. This kneeling bow is the highest honor given to people in Thailand.


Mint came from a poor background and was raised in poverty. Mint’s father abandoned the family years ago and her mother had to work very hard to support the family. Her mother ended up going through rubbish to look for recyclable materials to sell. Mint doesn’t shy away from her past – she says:

“I am very proud of my background. Rubbish collection is an honest profession. I grew up having enough to eat, was able to finish high school all because my rubbish-collecting mother supported me.”


After winning the pageant, Mint continues to help her mother in her daily work.


Mint dedicates her win to her mother whose dedication, love and hard work are what she acknowledges as the reasons their family overcame all their difficulties.

No matter where you go in life or how successful you become, always remember those who helped raise you and show them all of your love – they are the ones who truly deserve it!

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