Angry Bride Accuses A Waitress Of Flirting With Her Husband So She Responds With This

Jessica Morris is a waitress and she was recently serving a newlywed couple while they were on their honeymoon. AS all good waitresses do, she developed a friendly relationship with the couple, helping them order and providing them with good service.

However, when she collected the bill, instead of receiving a tip, she noticed there was a nasty comment written at the bottom of the receipt…


Shocked and taken aback, Jessica wrote an open letter back to the rude bride:

“Dear bitter bride,

I would like you to know, the server that was in the section across from mine, that I kept talking to and checking on throughout the time of you sitting at my table IS MY HUSBAND. Which I found on my own, and looks better than yours. Also, I would like you to know that I’m sorry MY HUSBAND treated me to a cruise for my honeymoon and not a restaurant. As well as, MY HUSBAND would never let me feel so insecure that I would feel the need to write such a terrible note to a server and make them feel the way you have.

So bitter bride, here’s a life tip for you from me, your insecurity as a woman is heartbreaking. Have pride in yourself and your relationship with YOUR husband to where you don’t need to put another down to bring yourself up. Especially a server who lives off her tips and needs them to help her husband pay bills. Also, I hope you like the pen you stole from me, because it’s my present to you. One NEWLYWED to another.

P.S – my husband said you can sit in his section next time that way you won’t have to be so worried about your husband “flirting” with a server. Maybe you’ll see his ring a little better than you saw mine.

Signed, Jessica

The woman you offended by thinking so lowly of, that I would attempt to flirt with a man who is with his wife.”

You have to be pretty jealous to ripoff a waitress from a tip because you think they are low enough to flirt with your husband when he is with his wife. In fact, the picture above clearly shows Jessica wearing both her engagement ring, AND her wedding ring!

Sometimes people are so easily consumed by jealousy, don’t be one of those people. It’s SO not attractive.

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