12 Disney Employees Were Asked: “What Is The Craziest Thing You’ve Ever Seen Happen At Disneyland?”

12 Disney employees were recently asked: “What is the craziest thing you’ve seen happen in the park?” These answers are ridiculous.

1. Former WDW (Walt Disney World) Cast Member. I swear most of my crazy stories come from working there. I once saw Snow White being thrown over the shoulder of a drunk man in EPCOT in an attempts to carry her away.

2. My brother-in-law worked there in the student program. This couple were trying to ride Space Mountain, and had a black duffel bag. He heard something come from the bag, so he asked them to open it. They refused. Security comes, forces them to open it. It was their 6 month old baby.

3. I used to be a cast member at the Disney store in my local mall. We were required to greet everyone within 10 seconds of them entering the store.There used to be a game online that kids would play about getting to the back of the store, grabbing a stuffed animal from the” plush mountain” and get back up front before getting greeted. I saw this one teenager run across the store and dove head first in the mountain of stuffed animals… only to quickly find out that they were on risers. He was taken away on a stretcher but ended up being fine. And yes, I greeted him while he was in mid air so he lost the game.

4. I worked at Club Disney for the brief time it was open. We had codes we used on the radio headsets that were coordinated with character names. For instance, code Baloo meant there was blood that needed to be cleaned up immediately.

One day, I’m taking a stroll around the club to check on things when I spot a small boy about two years old taking a massive dump right in the middle of the play area. He sees me, starts to cry, and runs away with no clothing on the lower half of his body. I get on the radio and can’t think of what to say as we hadn’t discussed a code for “human feces in the play area and naked kid running around.” So I just called, “I have a code Pooh situation in the play area and Piglet’s on the loose.”

5. I work at WDW as a Cast Member. The worst was one night during the fireworks exit, we had a bunch of twenty year olds being dumb asses on the resort platform.They start punching each other in the arms, being the usual pricks to each other. One of them ended up missing his friend and cold clocking a 12 year old girl. 12 year old girls dad had to be 6′ 4″ and 320 pounds. And built. I mean really built. It took 4 security guards and 2 orange county deputies to pull the guy off the bloody pulp that remained of the kid. His friend ended up jumping into the bushes to get away from one seriously angry father.

6. I don’t remember what attraction it was for but a little boy from Make-a-Wish got to go to the front of every line. This one lady saw it, and bitched so loud about how this little trash kid didn’t deserve to cut in lines and a bunch of other bullsh*t. The look on the boy’s parent’s faces was nothing but nightmarish heartbreaking sh*t. I told the lady to get out of line and stop being such a bitch, explained that the kid was with Make-A-Wish. She apparently didn’t care, and asked for a manager. Bitches to manager. She is banned from WDW.

7. I worked in Tomorrowland attractions at WDW. Once I noticed a Down Syndrome child waiting in the back hallway – not a normal place for guests. I figured he was waiting on his party to finish riding. I was bumped out of my position for a break 5-10 minutes later and he was still there. I got him to walk down to the unload area with me figuring his family was probably freaking out about where he was. No one was down there waiting for him. I waited for 15 minutes and realized his family was not on the ride. After calling managers and coordinators conducting a search throughout Tomorrowland we found his family riding Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin. They just left him at Space! I have never been so upset at work.

8. Used to work attractions at Anaheim Dland. On the Indiana Jones Adventure there are 3 48″ height checkpoints which small guests must hit, and there’s often drama here. One of the lowest points in my Disney career was having to height check a midget. I couldn’t make eye contact. All he said was, “Really?” and I hung my head in shame and nodded.

9. A mother climb a tree and swing down in the middle of another family’s meet and greet with Beast. She didn’t want to wait in line.

10. I was working in the kitchen at Cinderella’s castle when this family of 4 came in for their dinner. About half way through the dinner the husband politely stands up and taps his glass for attention. He announced that his wife of 15 years has been cheating in him for over a year. The entire place stood still in shock. He motioned for his kids paid the waitress and left the wife crying at the table.

11. I worked a ride in Animal Kingdom a long time ago. Saw a 8-10 foot long snake emerge from an area with lots of plants and bushes. It slowly works it’s way through a line of about 200 people. Weaving it’s way through people’s legs, strollers, bags, etc…then it just casually slips back into another wooded area. No one noticed!

12. A brazilian tour group beat the crap out of Donald Duck.

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