Woman Leaves Angry Note For Stranger Who Stole Her Parking Spot. The Response Is Shocking.

It’s natural to be annoyed when you spot a piece of paper tucked under the windshield wipers of your car… after all, it’s never good news.

This woman received a parking ticket when a stranger parked in her usual residential parking spot and she was forced to park on a nearby road.

Frustrated that she had been fined because of the stranger’s fault, this woman decided to write a angry note.


“Hey Stranger, Because you were parked in my spot last night (and still are??), I got a ticket for street parking overnight w/out a permit. I’m broke. These are privately owned spots, and I could have you ticketed + towed. I won’t, but please don’t park in my spot again.”

The response was truly unexpected:


“First I would like to apologize for parking in your spot. It was irresponsible on my part and I would like to give this to you to pay for the ticket and whatever else you need. It can be tough around this time of year. Merry Christmas – the a**hole who parked in your spot.”

The stranger put $100 in $20 dollar bills inside the envelope!

Maybe there is hope for humanity yet…

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