After Posting A Pic Online, She Received An Email From Her Boss And What It Said Made Her Quit

It’s unbelievable how much body shaming is still out there, and it attacks people of all sizes. Average-sized people are being called fat and skinny people are being told they are starving themselves. You just can’t win. The only thing you really can do is love yourself, know that the body you have is amazing and don’t let anyone tell you any different. That’s exactly what one girl did.

Sherene Zarrabi is a university student in Stillwater, Oklahoma and she started working at a Dainty Hooligan retail store. As a proud employee, she began posting photos of herself in outfits from the store’s clothes to Instagram to help give the store some exposure.


There never was a problem with the photos she posted until she recently received an email from the store’s CEO, Jessica.


“Something I want to make sure you keep in mind. I want size small, the stereotypical ‘model’ to model our clothes. Please use our pictures of our models if Stillwater store can’t find someone who would be considered ‘model material.’ This is not to put anyone down but to communicate expectations of presenting our brand. Don’t take it personal, all I ask for is really good representation. In exchange for the freedom, I ask you to take down all pictures of anyone that doesn’t fit the criteria.




Understandably shocked, Sherene still had a beautiful response.

“I just want to start by saying this: I am fully comfortable with who I am and the way I look. I have recently been attacked and discriminated against by the owner of Dainty Hooligan. She went on our stores Instagram and deleted all of the pictures where I was modeling the clothing and then sent this email to my manager. I do not want to represent or support a business that has such archaic values and beliefs. THIS is the reason young girls have body image issues. This is disgusting. I quit immediately and I suggest that my friends and family do not support Dainty Hooligan. Love yourself, no matter what you look like. ❤”

Her post got a lot of attention online, and it even got a response from her previous employer.


Jessica, the owner of Dainty Hooligan responded to Sherene. Sherene shares: “Jessica said after putting herself in my shoes, she knows how I must’ve felt. I appreciate that she took the time to reach out to me. But it doesn’t change what she originally said in her interviews. She said some nasty, disgusting things about me. I haven’t bashed Jessica in any way. I have no ill feelings toward her or Dainty Hooligan, I will just choose to take my business elsewhere from now on.”


Sherene just showed how to take down a body shamer with grace.

You win when you don’t sink to their level and when you can still stand up for yourself. Only you can make yourself feel bad, so don’t let the haters try and ruin your style. No matter what you do in life, there will always be more people lifting you up than those trying to drag you down.

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