Neighbors Report Widow’s Messy Home. Then He Shows Up With More Shocking News

It all started when a relative began using 90-year-old Agnes’ home as their own personal dump. They would leave trash, an old trailer, and a lot of old junk around her home. When neighbors saw that Agnes was violating regulations, they called the city. In turn, officials wanted to charge Agnes upward of $2,500 in fines unless she cleaned up the mess. The problem was the poor woman was barely able to walk. What was she supposed to do? Agnes called Operation Blessing, a nonprofit, that agreed to clean up the mess and do so much more.

A cleanup crew of volunteers practically stormed Agnes’ home. They got rid of all the trash and even the trailer! But they didn’t stop there… they did something that Agnes could barely hold her tears back when talking about her “little angels”.

See for yourself in this short video below:

That’s the thing about angels, oftentimes we’re expecting people with wings and halos on their head. But sometimes, they’re the regular people right in your backyard.

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