She Confesses They’ve Both Cheated On Each Other. When You Hear Her, You Might Agree With Her

Constance Hall is a full-time blogger, mother and wife. Recently she shared a shocking story of her marriage and where it’s led them. If you’re married, there are some parts of this I’m sure you’ll easily relate to… especially the ending. You’ll see what I mean.

“5 years ago, on this day, I married my best friend and we have been happily in love ever since.

Bla bla bla… No.

Let’s be honest.

Since that day, I have dumped him, he has dumped me, we have both been unfaithful, we have argued and argued and argued.

We are both supposed to be the one who cares for, gives to and protects each other the most.

Yet instead we have blamed, resented and disrespected each other the most.

We have been in marriage counselling and we will be again.

Being 2 dominant personality types doesn’t help either, 2 leaders no followers, 2 Chiefs no Indians, our home is chaos.

One thing I know is that when 2 people need to divide up the huge amounts of work that raising a family requires, carrying the financial burden, lacking as much rest, little to no alone time, (I could go on and on about the countless physical and emotional stress that bringing up a family and running a home brings) it is virtually impossible to get along all the time.

Being hard on yourself for the crappy state of your marriage doesn’t do any favors.

It’s a really tough gig and your friends Facebook photos, adds on television, they way other couples seem in public is by no means a true reflection of what marriage is really like.

Marriage is a commitment to work very hard at being with each other. Very hard.

I have no pearls of wisdom on how to make it work, I do know this, when I’m not with him I wish I was.

Without him, no matter who I’m with I’m a little bit lonely. That’s got to stand for something.

Love you Bill, thanks for being my man.”


This is an incredibly honest and real account of what marriage is like. It’s time we ditch our fairytale expectations of marriage and understand what it takes for a real marriage to work.

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