She’s Called Too Ugly To Marry Because Of Her Face But When She Turns? I Never Expected This

Lexxie Harford, 23, was born with a large birth mark across her right cheek, as well as a condition called heterochromia iridum — i.e. two different colored eyes. Having always been bullied at school for her looks, the final straw came when she was approached by two British television series called “The Undateables” and “Too Ugly For Love”. She knew she had to make a stand.

Completely comfortable with her appearance, Lexxie posted three selfies of herself. She did this to show the world (and herself) that she’s comfortable in her own skin, but she didn’t know how the photos would be taken…


Needless to say, social media users are not always the kindest to people who even slightly deviate from the norm. Although Lexxie received some nasty comments” many of the comments showed not only support, but also awe at her beauty and her confidence.


“I imagine it can be tough to live with,” read one comment from Toby1066. “But it’s hella cool, if I’m honest.”

Lexxie commented on her photos with a short but sweet message too:

“I want to answer questions because I’m used to people being very curious.

1. I make a great sandwich.

2. People do mistake it for a bruise, but a lot less common than you’d think.

3. I’m absolutely not self conscious about it at all. I actually like it a lot.

4. my right eye is green and my left eye is blue, but it’s not always noticeable in lighting. I’ll upload images specific to that + my birthmark covered for people interested.

5. ‘what’s the point’ – well, a lot of people are curious, or a lot of people with birthmarks cover them, so I like to show it off to raise awareness. :)”

Good on you Lexxie for your confidence and beauty – don’t ever change!

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