When Mom Got Pregnant, Dad Hid A Secret In The Wall. 7 Years Later, She Suddenly Found This.

The idea of finding hidden treasure is something most of us dream about as kids. The idea of long lost riches really gets the young imagination going wild.

When one couple found out they were going to have a baby, they set a plan in motion that wouldn’t come to fruition for seven long years. They sealed up a hidden space behind their future daughter’s room and hid an old looking map in an unused window box. When their daughter was six, Dad asked his little one to go clean up the box, starting what would be one of the greatest treasure hunts you could imagine, full of mysteries and puzzles along the way.

See this amazing video for yourself:

How amazing is that?! Such fun parents to plan something like that for her. Kids born into the age of technology need more adventure like this in their lives.

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