Leonardo DiCaprio Deserves Another Oscar For How He Handles This Mega Awkward Question

Imagine this. You’ve gone through years of journalism school, written thousands of boring articles about pot holes, all leading up to this one moment. You get to ask Leonardo DiCaprio a question on the night he’s finally won an Oscar.

When you finally get to that moment, in all your nervousness and excitement, you come out with something completely… well, blah. Think this is just the stuff of nightmares? Then you’d be mistaken, because it’s exactly what happened to one Egyptian journalist, and the fumble made for some comedy gold.

Watch the moment for yourself here:

Here’s the whole awkward transcript in full:

Interviewer: I am the first Egyptian journalist covering the Oscars from here. And that’s about the first Oscar for you?
DiCaprio: I’m sorry, what was your question?
Interviewer: What about the first Oscar for you?
DiCaprio: “What about it?”
Interviewer: For your Oscar?
DiCaprio: Yeah, it feels amazing.
*Director Iñárritu cracks up*
Interviewer:It’s a first. What about that?
DiCaprio: Yeah it is the first. Look, like I said, I’m just incredibly grateful. Thank you.

Leo took it all in his stride and acted very gracefully indeed!

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