Pamela Anderson Strips Off ALL Makeup In A Shocking New Role

Pamela Anderson is probably most famous for her work in Baywatch and her more recent hit show, VIP. However, she recently undertook a new project that left viewers stunned.

In photographer and filmmaker Luke Gilford’s new sci-fi short, “Connected,” Pamela Anderson lays herself bare. She plays a fitness instructor in a spiritual crisis, toying with her image as a sex symbol, appearing without makeup and displaying a deeply soulful unhappiness. In the short, Anderson joins a mysterious wellness cult to find a reason for living.

“’Connected’ is a portrait of a woman grappling with aging, self-perception, and transformation in a technologically optimized world,” explains Luke. “Pamela is obsessed with self-improvement tapes (voiced by Jane Fonda), and she is soon drawn to an advanced yet enigmatic wellness spa that promises to enhance her mind, body, and soul.”

Watch this video and see the amazing story yourself:

Pamela attempts to defy everyone who may have written her off. The scenes where she articulates her spiritual loneliness demonstrate, at the very least, an actress who is seriously striving for something greater.

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