They Look Like Any Other Couple, But When I Saw The Rest Of The Picture, I Lost It

Taylor and Danielle have been dating for over 9 years in a fairytale romance. However, things suddenly took a bad turn that put their relationship to the test.

Taylor grew up as an adrenaline-seeking kid with a passion for extreme sports. He was really good at it because he was naturally very calm in stressful and dangerous environments. It was only natural that when he joined the Navy, he was assigned to the special Exposive Ordinance Disposal team.

In 2012, Taylor led a team of Army Special forces to a classified location when he suddenly stepped on an IED that exploded underneath his body. Both his arms and legs were blown off as a result. Although he was bleeding profusely, Taylor told the medics not to get him. He feared there were other IEDs in the area, and the medics would be put in harm’s way.

After the area was cleared, and Taylor had survived the blast, the team rescued him. Taylor became only the fifth person at the local hospital to survive a quad limb amputation. While most would be mentally devastated after such a traumatic experience, Taylor’s spirit and optimism baffled his peers. Eventually he was fitted with prosthetic limbs.

This is where Danielle comes in. She never left Taylor’s side throughout his recovery. Their devotion to one another quickly went viral on the Internet, and Taylor proposed to Danielle last year.

The video below documents the emotional rollercoaster of a journey that Taylor and Danielle went through during Taylor’s recovery. By the end of this, I was bawling, and I think you will be too.

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