This Mom’s Breast Milk Suddenly Went Yellow And Clumpy. The Reason Why Is Shocking

Mallory Smothers is a breastfeeding mom who recently experienced something shocking – while she was pumping one day, she suddenly looked down and realized the milk was a very strange yellow color and the consistency was completely off.

Apparently when you’re breastfeeding, the milk tends to look exactly the same every time so it was very odd. But it turns out there’s an incredible reason for this… sometimes your body knows better than us. Mallory explains:



Mothers are so loving and caring that their love even speaks through their body. Baby spit backwash can be identified by mothers and moms can help produce the right things to help their precious baby fight off illnesses. Now if you’re a mom and someone tries to hassle you for breastfeeding in public, just tell them you’re doing a check up. The body is a mystifying miracle!

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