Blind Dad Has Never Seen Wife And Son Before, Loses It When He Sees Them For The First Time

Gene is a wonderful husband and father but there’s one difference between him and many other dads – he has never seen his wife or son before.

He developed a disease called Stargardt disease which prevented him from seeing anything but faint glimpses around the edges.

After he was diagnosed, he met the love of his life, Joy. Eventually, they married and had a baby boy named Lincoln, though there was just one problem: Gene had never seen Joy or his newborn baby.

One day, Joy was watching The Rachael Ray Show when she saw another person with Stargardt disease, who was given the chance to see with a special pair of electronic glasses. Joy reached out in hopes that she could get her husband on the show to give her family this amazing opportunity — and her prayers were answered.

The couple and their 1-year-old son stood on stage, where Gene was given the pair of glasses. He put them on, looked over at his wife and son… what he said to his wife just blew me away.

Watch this short but stunning clip below:

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