Boy Is Bullied Because He’s Gay. 19 Years Later, His Old Bully Walks In And He Does This

Chadmichael grew up in his hometown but throughout school, he was bullied so badly because he was openly gay. He moved away and vowed never to return to the town again.

The bullies tormented and taunted him on a daily basis. His bullies even threatened to kill him.

Terrified and determined to make a new life for himself, Chadmichael moved to Los Angeles and began a happier, healthier chapter. His days of being bullied were over, but he was left with painful memories and emotional scars — though at least his tormentors were gone from his life forever.

But one day, Chadmichael received a Facebook message from Louis, one of his former bullies.

Chadmichael didn’t really want to meet Louis and re-open the past wounds but that’s when Louis made him an offer he couldn’t refuse.

In the short clip below, watch what happens when Chadmichael comes face-to-face with the bully who tormented him so badly, 19 years later.

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