Greedy Rich Man Tries To Buy Grandma’s Home, Then She Has The Last Laugh And Shocks Everyone

Edith Macefield is the definition of a tough cookie. The woman led a deeply courageous life, she learned French and English then joined military. After serving in England, officials discovered she was under 18 and sent her back home.

When Edith came back to the United States, she would eventually find her home. She would spend the next 60 years living in the same house, and no one was going to take it from her. But that didn’t stop developers trying.

Developers began to buy up what seemed like every inch of her neighborhood, determined to turn her street in Seattle into a profitable mall.

However, 86-year-old Edith was not going anywhere. Developers offered her money: first hundreds of thousands of dollars, then a whopping $1 million!

Edith turned down every single offer. However, she started feeling unwell and was sadly diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. That’s when she made an unlikely friend in the building project manager, Barry Martin, who was in charge of constructing the mall around her home.

When Edith died in 2008, she left her home in Martin’s hands. He knew that the house was worth a lot of money – over a million! But he knew he had to do the right thing…

Watch this short video to see what Edith and Barry did:

In the end, Edith got what she wanted. She fought the good fight against corporate greed, stopped her home from becoming a mall, and helped others in the process.

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