Worried Stranger Buys Homeless Man A Pizza, Then Realizes He’s This Old Hollywood Star

A lady was walking through the streets of New York when she noticed a derelict old man – he was hunched over and going through a trash can. She saw that he was looking for food so she gave him her doggy bag containing leftover pizza.

The homeless man looked into the bag and thanked her before they went their separate ways.

Little did she know at the time but the homeless man was no other than the legendary actor, Richard Gere!

Richard Gere was playing a homeless man in the gritty film Time Out Of Mind and is easily worth $100 million, and owns a $50-million home. He’s one of those celebrities that will remain in the hearts and minds of Americans for countless years to come. Starring in legendary films like Chicago and Pretty Woman, he’s managed to win acclaim for just about every role he’s ever acted in.

But Gere calls this role one of the most touching he’s ever performed and was brought to tears when he realized how horrible some of America’s homeless really have it.

Gere was “getting into character” as he walked the streets of New York when the encounter happened. When the filming was finished, Gere posted about the unforgettable experience of walking the streets of New York as a homeless person. Here was a famous actor, a household name, and simply because he looked homeless, thousands of people overlooked his existence.

This is what he says:

Beautiful words!

As for the kindhearted woman who helped Gere – she only realized who he was after seeing the photos of the encounter in the newspapers! She said her meeting with Gere was “amazing and crazy” and she would continue to do the same for homeless people.

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