Pregnant Mom’s Baby Won’t Stop Screaming On The Plane, Until A Stranger Suddenly Picks Him Up

A pregnant mother was flying recently with her young son when her worst fears came true – her baby boy was screaming and crying and no matter what she did, she couldn’t find out what the problem.

Most people on the plane were already in a grumpy mood having flown for multiple hours in cramped conditions and so tempers were ready to blow.

Of course, it wasn’t the little boy’s fault – after all, I get pretty agitated myself every time I feel the change in air compression hit my ears, something they’re definitely not accustomed to at such a young age. And it wasn’t mom’s fault either, she was trying her best.

That’s when a tall, burly man decided to step up to the baby.

The pregnant mother was clearly exhausted when he approached her and explained that, as a father, he just wanted to help her get some rest. He took the baby boy and started to carry him and walk him up and down the aisle, gently comforting him.

Andrea Byrd, a passenger sitting right behind the mom and crying boy, captured the heartwarming moment and shared it with others on her Facebook.

The mystery man spent most of their two and a half hour remaining travel time walking up and down the aisles with the toddler, gently comforting him.

There aren’t many of us who can say we would be just as compassionate in this man’s shoes.

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