Pregnant Wife Takes 24-Hour Nap, Then Husband Realizes She’s In Labor But Can’t Wake Up

Jody Robson is a mom in her 20’s who suffers from a bizarre and terrifying condition. Jody believes she has Kleine-Levin syndrome, a rare brain disorder that makes it impossible to wake from sleep for days or even weeks on end.

Jody had her first experience when she was 12 while at a friend’s sleepover. She fell asleep amongst her friends — and didn’t wake up for eight days! When she finally did wake up, she temporarily forgot who and where she was.

Ever since that first incident as a child, Robson has had over 50 similar episodes. She has slept through birthdays, holidays and Christmases. Though she looks to be awake during her episodes, she’s not mentally there. Bizarrely, she may even move about and go through the motions, but she’s not truly herself. The condition has put a strain on her relationship with her husband Steven.

But the most extreme episode happened in the midst of Robson’s own pregnancy — and she has no memory of the birth of her first child.

The young mother fell asleep the day before going into labor and woke up nearly three weeks later, completely missing the birth of her oldest son.

Watch the short video below:

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