Wife Divorces Him After 19 Years Marriage Then Husband Sends Her A Note With The Shocking Truth

Morgan Lynn knew her parents were going through rocky patches in their relationship but she was floored when they announced to her that they were getting divorced. They didn’t tell her the reason for the divorce but she was completely devastated.

However, Morgan didn’t take to Twitter to rant about her parents or to choose a side. Instead, she shared what happened on the very day the divorce was finalized. This is what she says:

“My parents, after 19 years of being married, were going through a divorce… and it got finalized today.

But there was an unexpected twist. My dad sent my mom her favorite flowers with a note attached with a simple message that put everything in perspective.

My dad used to send my mom flowers when she was having a bad day… and to know that, even after today, he still did it — breaks my heart.

I believe that everyone is seeing true love through this simple act.”

Lynn looked up to her parent’s relationship as the kind of goal relationship she hopes to have.

This simple story shows that people can change, relationships will end, but that doesn’t mean that any love has to be lost.

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