Dad Sees Baby Won’t Stop Crying When Mom Leaves To Run Errands, So He Gently Holds Up Her Shirt

As many new parents know, leaving the house to go to work or run errands can be tough on them and their little ones. When this 3-month-old baby’s mom stepped out to check some things off her to-do list for the day, the little baby was absolutely distraught.

The sweet baby boy kept screaming and crying, hoping his mom would suddenly return to soothe his woes. When his dad saw that there was no way around the tantrum his crying baby was throwing, he thought long and hard to find a solution.

In the video below, the poor boy in footie pajamas is red in the face as he cries out for his mama. Dad hits the record button and starts filming, knowing that his son will have a drastic reaction to what comes next.

As the crying baby continues, the clever dad picks up a dirty shirt that belongs to his wife. He slowly brings it closer to his crying baby. His son starts sniffing, and instantly, the loud cries soften into gentle mumbles. The baby’s face drops from a pained expression to a much calmer one.

As he sniffs at his mom’s shirt, he begins to relax. Soon, his mouth spreads into a big smile.

To see the 3-month-old’s incredible reaction to his mom’s dirty shirt, check out his dad’s video below.

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