He Divorced His Wife A Year Ago But When He Bumps Into Her, He Didn’t Expect To See This

Adam recently bumped into his ex-wife after getting divorced from her a year ago. He writes an eye opening letter to reveal what he saw… and I’m completely stunned. This is what he says:

“A year ago, I got divorced from my wife. I left her to be with a younger, more attractive woman.

My ex-wife was flabby, her skin was full of cellulite and stretch marks, she did not take care of herself, she was not combing her hair, she was not wearing makeup – not even a little lipstick.

Her nails were not trimmed, she did not wear a bra and she her breasts began to sag. I no longer felt attracted to her, she didn’t catch my attention. Her now faded beauty is just a memory.

Today, exactly a year after I left her, I saw her again.

She was beautiful and radiant. Her hair fell on her shoulders, a radiant red underlined her beautiful fleshy lips and she wore a dress that was detached from her waist, seemed to have been made exclusively for her. It was not like the body of a mother of three beautiful children, my children.

Now I sit here and think about her extra pounds.

Her flabby stomach was because she was recovering from the enormous belly where she carried for nine months the best gifts that life has given me.

She got cellulite because she no longer had time to go to the gym. She had to take care of the kids at home.

She didn’t have time to dress nicely. The little time she had, she gave to me and forgot to take care of herself.

Instead, she changed diapers and breastfed until her breasts sagged – and she was proud of that.

And after all the exertion of cooking, ironing and cleaning, she seemed to be happy with her family.

Now I know what it’s like to have a real woman at home.

I was foolish to trade true beauty for the superficial.

I have lost this woman forever because I was unable to recognize and treasure the true worth of a dedicated housewife and mother.

Now someone else will do that.”

For this husband, this important realization came too late. Hopefully his message will help others to open their eyes.

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