Down Syndrome Son Is Rejected Right Before Prom. But When A Stranger Shows Up, Mom Loses It

Daniel, 17, had always dreamt of going to his homecoming dance at school. Sadly, he was turned down by all the girls he asked.

You see, Daniel has Down Syndrome and has felt the effects of being stigmatized by his peers.

That’s when a 10th grader named Kylie stepped up and asked Daniel to the dance herself. “I don’t think of kids that have a disability… I don’t think of them as being different,” Kylie says. “I hope I can make his night fun.”

Daniel’s mom Tonya was stunned beyond belief by Kylie’s incredible gesture. “It’s not about that Daniel has a disability. It’s Kylie didn’t see any disability. That is what your heart wants as a mom.”

However, that wasn’t all… there was a big surprise waiting for them both that neither of them could have imagined.

Watch the short video to see what happened:

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