Ellen Surprises A Struggling Mom Of 4, But No One Expects Her To Collapse Because Of This

During an episode of “The Ellen Show,” the beloved talk show host stunned one of her most favorite audience members ever. Lisa was a struggling single mom who not only took care of her children, but also her grandchildren.

Ellen had previously invited Lisa onto her show to surprise her with a brand new car for her and her four kids. She found the mother so charming and lovable that she decided a car just wasn’t enough.

In the video below, Lisa returns to the show for yet another unbelievable surprise. First, Ellen presents Lisa with a $1000 gift certificate to JC Penny.

But no, that’s not all. Far from it!

I don’t want to spoil it but the magical moment is at 3:10 when Lisa starts to freak out and collapse in her chair…

Watch the stunning video here:

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