Lady Passenger Drives Taxi After 70 Year Old Driver Said He’s Too Tired And Sleepy To Drive

An elderly taxi driver was feeling very sleepy one day – he was torn as he had to work to provide money for his family but he knew forcing himself to drive could be putting himself and his passengers at risk.

Luckily for him, he picked up a young lady called Cristina Tan. Cristina needed a ride home from work after a long day and she and the driver discussed a lot of things, including his motivation to work tirelessly despite being 70 years old. He explained that his daughters need him and so he continues to drive.

A few minutes later though, the driver asked Cristina to get down and look for another cab. It turned out that he was sleepy and he couldn’t drive the vehicle accordingly. Realizing it would’ve been dangerous for the both of them, he decided to let Christina go.

But rather than complaining, Cristina offered help and drove the vehicle herself.

When Cristina offered her help, the old man didn’t believe it at first that she was capable of driving a manual transmission vehicle. Moreover, he was embarrassed by the fact that it was the passenger who offered to drive. But she insisted.

Cristina said that right after she took over, the driver went to a deep slumber. Heck, he was even snoring according to her.

The driver definitely didn’t expect such a kind act that day.

People applauded her on social media sites for being sweet and treating the old guy well. Others also praised the driver for being honest, considering the pressure and stigma around taxi drivers.

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