Dad Secretly Transforms Daughter’s Room With Paint, Then Blindfolds Her For The Big Reveal

Adam Hargreaves is a supermarket worker from Yorkshire, England. Not only that, he is also quite the gifted painter. His 3-year-old daughter, Bobbie, never ever wants to go to bed.

To get Bobbie to go to bed, he thought he would give her room a makeover. The father filmed a time-lapse video of himself creating a stunning mural with characters from Disney films like The Little Mermaid, The Jungle Book, Beauty and the Beast, and The Lion King.

After he was done, Adam removed the blindfold from Bobbie’s face, and the little one was speechless.

Watch the amazing video and the moment Bobbie see’s her new room here:

“Thank you Daddy for my beautiful bedroom,” Bobbie said in awe.

Adam’s wife Leah instantly noticed that Bobbie has no problem getting to bed anymore.

“I love it, she’s going to bed every time now. Before, she didn’t want to go to bed — it was a case of trying to get her to bed at all, let alone on time,” Leah told Daily Mail.

Leah loves her husband’s ability, but she had no idea he was capable of such masterpieces until five years into their relationship. Leah was not happy when Adam secretly painted the house one day, until she actually saw it.

“He sort of kept it hidden. It wasn’t until he painted a wall in a bedroom in our last house that I found out,” she said. “I wasn’t happy at first, but I saw it and told him to do the rest of the house!”

Adam never thought he would be able to live off his art, but when the time-lapse video of his daughter’s room got over 10 million views, suddenly the possibility seemed real.

“I’d been planning to paint her room for about two years, but the painting itself took around three months, or 300 hours to be precise,” he said. “It’s quite relaxing; time just passes a lot faster because you’re concentrating.”

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