She Sleeps In The Dirt Outside His House, But He Promises To Help. 5 Days Later, He Comes Back

Irene “Smokie” McGee was living on the streets of South Los Angeles ever since her husband died in 2004. She didn’t even have a cardboard box and literally slept in the dirt every night.

One day, a man named Elvis Summers met Irene after she knocked on his door to ask if he had any cans or recyclables she could cash in for money.

Elvis took a liking to his 60-year-old homeless neighbor and felt heartbroken knowing she couldn’t at least get a good night’s sleep.

Elvis had noticed online that people were building tiny homes all over the country. Since he had some construction experience, he decided to try his hand at building one just for her.

The kindhearted neighbor rushed to his local home improvement store and bought $500 worth of materials.

Five days later, Elvis said he had something to show her. Watch the video below to see one of the most heartwarming gestures we’ve seen in a long time.

Elvis completely changed Irene’s life in just a matter of days.

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