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This Cashier Noticed A Girl Was being Followed And Bullied. What She Did Is Simply Brilliant

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We recently received this story from a reader and we knew we just had to share it. (I am working the cash register at a fast food restaurant when a girl no older than 15 comes up to order.) Girl #1: “I’ll have a number three with a soda,

She Recorded Her Teacher Bullying A Student But The School Responds Like This. So Crazy!

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Brianna Cooper saw a fellow student being bullied so she took her phone out to film the attack. Unfortunately for her though, the bully was the teacher. Brianna believed the teacher was speaking inappropriately to her fellow student, being threatening and using bullying tactics. She had complained before and

Dad Forced Son To Post This Humiliating Confession On Facebook As Punishment

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Being a parent is a tough job. There are times when you have to lovingly discipline your child and sometimes it hurts the parent just as much as it hurts the child. But teaching children right from wrong is an important part of being a good parent and there’s