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She Was Called ‘Ugly’…I Felt Bad For Her Until She Had This Sassy Response

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A 4 year-old girl had the best response when a boy in her school called her ‘ugly’. Do you agree with me? Winner winner chicken dinner. This girl’s full of good spirit and a cheeky smile. We love that in the face of mean comments, she chose to smile

Everyone Else Completely Ignored Her, But He Noticed Something Very Strange

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Life can be hard. Sometimes you might feel like everything’s not going your way. Maybe you had a bad day at work, argued with a loved one or even simply dropped and cracked your phone. No matter how your day is though, you can guarantee someone else is also

This Mother Can’t Afford To Feed Her Family…But No One Expected This To Happen

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A social experiment was set up to test if people would help out a stranger in need. Actors and actresses on “Primetime: What Would You Do?” pretended to be parents who are struggling to feed their families and the reactions of fellow shoppers were filmed to see what they