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Someone Posted A Note On The Church Door And It Had Everyone Talking. So Unusual!

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Churches and religion are known to divide people – you have those who are fervent supporters, those who absolutely hate it, and those who couldn’t care less. With the recent legalization of gay marriage, churches have also been put into the spotlight with many gay communities saying they don’t

This Donation Note From A Homeless Man Stunned A Church And Not Because Of How Much Was In It

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Volunteers at a church recently had a “Muffin Ministry” service where they welcomed the homeless and served them breakfast. However, one person attended the service and then dropped something in the collection plate that had everyone talking. This was shared on the church’s Facebook page: The words on the

This Woman Asks For Advice On How To Deal With Her Sister. But She Didn’t Expect This

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A woman recently sent in a question into a newspaper advice column asking for help. She received some help but not quite the way she thought! If you agree with Amy, share this with your friends on Facebook!