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This Man Became One Of the Richest Men In The World. What He Does With Money Is Spectacular

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Meet the richest man in the world… and he works as a street seller. Does that sound strange to you? It should. This man, who’s visually impaired, sells samosas for a living every day and makes 3 US cents each sale. So how did he do it? See if

He Puts Bananas On Her Doorknob Every Day. I Was Speechless When The Door Opens

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This guy hangs a bunch of bananas on his neighbor’s door every day. Sounds very bizarre, right? The real reason why he does it is much deeper than you might think. This short video is shot in Thailand. There aren’t many words but I guarantee it will speak loudly

The Most Surprising Visit To The Pharmacist Ever. What Followed Is Staggering

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It was a routine shift for everyone at a small pharmacy until a scruffy looking couple walk in. How they treated them really restored my faith in humanity. See if you agree with what happened here. It can sometimes feel like you’re down and out in life. But stories