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His Friends Wanted To Get Revenge On Him But Did They Go Too Far? OMG.

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Pranks are meant to create a few good laughs and a memory that last a very long time. Pranks are common between friends and they normally escalate as everyone wants to out-do the previous prank. For this group of friends, they just took it up a level, big time.

He Puts Bananas On Her Doorknob Every Day. I Was Speechless When The Door Opens

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This guy hangs a bunch of bananas on his neighbor’s door every day. Sounds very bizarre, right? The real reason why he does it is much deeper than you might think. This short video is shot in Thailand. There aren’t many words but I guarantee it will speak loudly

Something You Never Realized About Jackie Chan. This Is Incredible.

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Jackie Chan revealed the story of how he got to meet the legend Bruce Lee when he was just starting his acting career. It wasn’t how he dreamed it was going to be but it was glorious. Who else hears Jackie’s voice in their head when reading this? Share this hilariously brilliant