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He Fell 30 Feet On his Neck. When He Says ‘I’m Ready’ And This Happens, I Lose It

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Pete Benda is like any normal school kid. He loves drama, sport and hanging out with friends. However one day at his school’s theater, he was changing a lamp on the ceiling about 30 feet above the ground. The lift carrying Pete fell over and Pete crashed to the

They’re Trapped Inside An Elevator Together. What She Does? I’m Completely Speechless

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When a man enters into an elevator with a Muslim woman dressed in a full hijab, he appears a little anxious. Soon, disaster strikes when the elevator plunges into darkness. When the lights turn back on, one of them suddenly has a very nasty looking wound. How these two

She Decided To Tattoo Half Of Her OWN Face. The Result Is Shocking

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When we hear of people tattooing their face, to be honest most of us see it as a negative thing. Maybe it reminds you of Mike Tyson and his odd facial tattoo or maybe you’ll think how much harder it’ll be to get a job. Of course there’s also