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She Took Her Phone Out At The Cinema But 5 Seconds Later, She Received A Terrifying Shock

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Most of us know to turn off our phones or put it to silent when we go to the cinema. There’s nothing worse than an annoying ring tone in the middle of a film. In the video below, cinema goers are eagerly anticipating the film when suddenly they get

He Put His iPhone Inside His Guitar And Pressed Record. Then I Couldn’t Believe My Eyes

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A guitarist recently wanted to make a funky video by recording from INSIDE his guitar. He thought it would be artsy but he had no idea his phone was going to capture this. Watch the video below and then read the explanation below to see what caused this crazy

He Asked For Her Phone Number. What She Actually Gave Him Left Me Tingling

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Two strangers met on a park bench one day. The beautiful girl caught the guy’s eye and so he made the first move to say hello. She doesn’t respond to him but she’s not being mean. The real reason is deeper than that. This short film will show you