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He Was Sure He Would Be Eaten Alive. Instead, He Got A Winning Photo And An Incredible Story

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Paul Nicklen is a daredevil photographer for National Geographic. He gets up close and personal to all sorts of dangerous creatures. When he was sent to photograph wildlife in Antarctica, he knew it was going to be risky but he never expected this. The seal predator cared for Paul

He Begins To Strangle Her With His Hands But When He Turns To The Camera? I Can’t Believe It

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Violence is escalating in our cities and streets and it’s important to know how to defend yourself. The problem is the attacker is likely to be bigger and stronger than the victim. This video demonstrates a technique that I hope you’ll never have to use, but it’s important to

Their Baby Boy Fell In The Pool. What Came Next Had Me Completely Speechless.

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When we ran across this video of a baby falling into the pool, we were certain it wasn’t going to end well. But after watching it, we just had to share it. The reason? It can possibly save your baby’s life in the future. One of us in the