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Tourists Are Being Disrespectful And Rude During A Memorial, So Soldier Does This

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A soldier was standing guard during a memorial ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington National Cemetery. However, a bunch of tourists was standing close by and they can be heard chattering and laughing loudly in the background. But suddenly the soldier snaps, turns to them

He Told This News Caster To Shut Up Because She’s A Woman. Her Response Is Genius

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A female TV host was conducting an interview with a Muslim scholar from London when things took a turn for the worst. Her guest was invited to discuss the recent wave of Christians joining ISIS but he started rambling about history instead. Running out of time, TV host Rima Karaki tried

Obama Completely Ignored a Marine. But What He Did Next Was Truly Humbling

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President Obama forgot to salute a marine that was guarding him and his helicopter. It’s a longstanding tradition that members of the military are required to salute the President as a sign of respect. The practice of Presidents returning the salute started during the time of Ronald Reagan in