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He Gets Revenge On Cheating Girlfriend With Fake Wedding Proposal… And A Huge Twist

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This man recently found out his girlfriend was cheating on him. Instead of confronting her about it, he plans the ultimate revenge of all time. In the video below, he sets up the house beautifully, with his girlfriend finding a romantic rose petal path, glitter and candles… and it

He Stole Her Parking Spot But What She Does To Retaliate? I Can’t Stop Watching

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One of the most annoying things EVER is when you’ve finally got a parking space after patiently waiting and some idiot comes rushing in to steal your space. It’s happened to me a few times and you’ve probably experienced this too. When it happens to this lady, she retaliates

This Girl Sent Him A Scam Message… And Gets Owned By The KING Of Prankers!

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There’s a new scam going around in Singapore where guys are receiving random messages from beautiful women asking them for a “favour”. When our hero received a message from “Belle”, instead of just ignoring her, he decided to get his own back… and let her know what it feels