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They Were Called Terrible Parents After Doing This To Their Kids. Dad’s Response Is Legendary

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Mike Rossi and his wife Cindy were sent a stern letter from their kids school recently. You see, they took their kids out of school for a family-related reason when they received this: The letter reads: “Dear Mr. and Mrs. Rossi: I understand that your family recently took a

She Was Called ‘Ugly’…I Felt Bad For Her Until She Had This Sassy Response

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A 4 year-old girl had the best response when a boy in her school called her ‘ugly’. Do you agree with me? Winner winner chicken dinner. This girl’s full of good spirit and a cheeky smile. We love that in the face of mean comments, she chose to smile

This Girl Did This After A Boy At School Undid Her Bra. What Followed Is Incredible

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This kind of thing happens way too often in schools and its time things changed. This mom bravely stands up against this school and I salute her. If you agree with her, share this with your friends today and spread the message.