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These Parents Hide Their Son’s Illness From Daughter. What Followed Blew Them Away

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Miracles aren’t a common thing but when they happen, it’s incredible. When this little girl really needed one for her sick brother, she managed to buy one… for just a dollar and eleven cents. “Tess was a precocious eight-year-old when she heard her Mom and Dad talking about her

He’s Surrounded By 3 Beautiful Brides But He’s Not Marrying A Single One. I’m Speechless.

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Kelvin Peters stood next to three beautiful brides. He wasn’t going to marry any of them. Does that sound strange? It should. His reason is a lot deeper. Kelvin tragically only has a few months to live and he decided on his final wish. He knew he wouldn’t get

This Guy Dresses Up As Iron Man And Does Something Out Of This World

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Professional costume designer Chris Miller spent a few days non-stop building a custom, realistic Iron Man costume. Already, that’s pretty amazing. However, what he has been doing with it is even more awesome. Chris has been using it to cheer up Iron Man’s smallest fans, free of charge. He