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This Mom Gives Birth To A Baby Boy But When The Camera Zooms Out, I Can’t Believe It

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Jason Larke’s wife was about to have a baby – it’s a time of celebration with love, hugs and kisses all around but there was one problem. Jason was 2,500 miles away. Jason’s job meant that he was going to be away on site and that he would miss

Her Husband Handed Her An Unexpected Letter That Broke Her Down In Tears. I’m Speechless

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Rob Wiltsey waited years to hand a book and letter to his wife. When his wife read and understood it, she started crying but it’s what Rob wanted. Doesn’t that sound strange? The reason behind his actions is incredible. See if you agree with me. His video went viral

No One Will Ever Forget This Wedding. Or What Happened To The Groom That Night

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This is a bittersweet story of love between two people. Rowden Go was a normal 29 year old man excited to marry the woman of his dreams. Sadly, he was diagnosed with stage IV liver cancer and the doctors said he didn’t have much time left. He wanted to