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Robin Williams Is An Amazing Actor But No One Knew About This Secret Letter He Wrote

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Robin Williams is truly a great actor but to those who have met him, they see him differently. To them, he isn’t just a great actor but he’s also a great human being. Lisa Jakub was a student when she had the chance to act along Robin Williams in

This Is A Secret You Never Knew About Robin Williams. Simply Stunning.

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Robin Williams and Christopher Reeve (the original Superman actor) were roommates at Juilliard School in New York where they studied drama and became lifelong friends. Before they made it big in the movie business, they promised each other that if one of them did exceptionally well, they would support

Something You Never Realized About Robin Williams. This Is Amazing.

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Recently, Reddit user TrueAmurrican shared a heartfelt story of how Robin Williams helped his family in a difficult time. It wasn’t the best of times to meet Robin Williams but it turned out it was just what his family needed. This is a touching move by a real gentleman.